This information is intended for developers and others working with integrating applications with e-lager.dk. The purpose is to provide an overview of the data strucures contained in the API of e-lager.dk and how to perform operations manipulating them.


The API is versioned allowing entiy and method signatures to change over time. Old API versions will be deprecated and upgrading to the most recent API version is recommended. The current version is: 1.0


The API authenticates the user making the request through either providing a users authkey or through basic authentication. The API requires HTTPS for all communication. The REQUIRED parameter apikey is used to specify your API Key. You must provide a valid API key for all requests. The OPTIONAL parameter authkey is used to specify the users API authentication Key. A valid API authentication key or basic authentication must be included for all requests.


The e-lager.dk API consists of a set of REST based callable methods. To perform an action using the e-lager.dk API, you need to send a request to its endpoint specifying a method and some arguments, and will receive a formatted response. All request formats take a list of named parameters. Responses are always formatted as JSON.


JSON response format:

	success : string,
	errors : [{
			id : string,
			message : string
	entityid : guid,
	message : string,
	entities : [entityobjects]

Operation package

The following packages are accessible through the API